Chum salmon with sunflower oil in the oven

Cut chum salmon into bars. Tomatoes, potatoes and onions slice thinly.

Fish slices lay on a baking tray with high edge, previously smearing it with sunflower oil. Strew it with salt and basil, and then with grated cheese.

Lay onion rings on top. Above onion layer put potatoes and a little cheese. Then goes tomatoes. Mixture of grated cheese, mayonnaise and a little basil spread smoothly above tomatoes.

Tender cakes with sunflower oil

Shake up eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar. Add kefir, sunflower oil, raspberry jam and citron. Wash raisins and pour boiling water over it, dry out it with a towel. Pour flour into bowl with other products, mixed with soda. Add raisins. Knead the pastry carefully. It is essential to make it smoothly like folding it with a trowel. The pastry will be watery. Pour it out into the baking cups till brims. Bake it under the temperature of 175 degrees about 30 minutes.

Vitamins and healthy elements in sunflower oil

Vegetable oil is unique food product. Scientists found out shortage of vegetable oil in person food allowance results in premature organism aging. Vitamin E which is contained in vegetable oil not only slows down aging processes but also increases potency and prevents from cancer diseases development, stimulates muscular activity, thyroid gland hormone making. While producing sunflower oil seeds are used and saved with a special delicate method. At the expense of it especially high content of liposoluble vitamins and minerals are achieved. That’s how it’s all interconnected. But that’s not all. Sunflower oil contains A, F and D groups of vitamins. Especially this concerns alive «cold oil» which is not heated up in a process of manufacturing.

Vitamin A (retinol) adapts adjustment of our eyes to the light of different intensity. Shortage of retinol results in skin inclination for hulling, dryness and hair fragility. It’s very useful for children because it answers for full-fledged vision and growth. Sunflower oil contains linoleic and linolenic unsaturated fatty acids which are not synthesized in our organisms. These acids are called vitamin F or essential acids...

Sunflower oil history

It is doubtful whether somebody wonders while pouring out on a frying pan or in a salad a portion of sunflower oil from where (in historical and strictly geographical aspect) flows this great and powerful amber river. The source of it is a story closely related to magic flower «heliantus» (from greek helios - sun) – a flower of the sun.

A motherland of sunflower is Northern America. Indians used to consume it, to use it as a medicine, to make coloring agents from it. Inca worship the sunflower as a sacred flower. In 1510 wild growing sunflower was brought from Northern America to Europe by Spaniards. For a long time sunflowers have been grown in the flowerbeds and front gardens as strictly ornamental plant and almost two centuries after it finally reached Russian scopes.

The sunflower got to Russia in the beginning of XVIII century and very likely it is believed the circumstances were the following.