TM “Zolotko” sunflower oil became known to Ukrainian consumers long time ago. TM “Zolotko” sunflower oil is produced at the vegetable oil factory which is equipped with the best European machinery. Our sunflower oil is manufactured from sunflower seeds grown in ecologically safe regions of Kharkov area. For removing different admixtures from sunflower oil we use special purification which is made in complex purification workshop. This newest and unique technology helps to manufacture sunflower oil with the highest degree of purification and saves all the healthy vitamins and pure delicate taste. 

To improve quality indicators of TM “Zolotko” sunflower oil Kharkovagrosoyuz collaborates with key specialists of medical and pharmaceutical Research and Development Kharkov Institutes such as Kharkov State Medical University and Medicine State Scientific Centre. This cooperation gave us an opportunity to establish a new unique production complex which will help to save healthy elements while processing sunflower seeds and will be useful for our health. High quality indicators of TM “Zolotko” sunflower oil are proved with joint and independent researches made by medical institutions. Although TM “Zolotko” is a laureate of all the contests where it was represented.