PET-bottle and PET-bottle stopper


PET-bottle is a popular format for liquid keeping and transportation. Such plastic bottles are produced from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) during blown foundry process. One of the most important PET material advantages is absolute freedom of shape creating. Due to this we produce the bottle that can better match the requirements of your product.


PET-bottle stopper


We are pleased to offer a PET-bottle Stopper for sealing the top opening of a bottle which is produced by “Kharkovagrosoyuz”. PET-bottle Stopper versatility allows to use it for corking plastic bottles of different size. The presence of the second stopper element ensures safe leaktightness even after authorized opening and following bottle closing. PET-bottle Stoppers are produced in different colors. We also can decorate it with the logo for your brand image enhancement, improvement the appearance of plastic bottle and protection your product from counterfeiting.

Price: from 15.04.2013 – 0,10 grn.

We can organize the delivery by Ukrainian transport companies if your order will exceed 1000 pieces.